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      Rug repairs are available in Canberra

      Rugs don’t always need to be repaired because they’ve been mistreated. A rug can suffer wear and tear over time as a result of being regularly stepped on, as well as the occasional spillage. Unlike a carpet, your rug is not attached to the floor, which implies it is prone to periodic movement. It creates various problems, the severity of which is determined by the rug’s size, fibre, and location on the floor.

      Rug Cleaning Services in Canberra is Available Now!

      Our Rug Repair System Is Complete

      Untrained operators should avoid fixing rugs because any harm will soon become worse. There are so many various fibres and colours, and fringes and edging, knowing the proper repair procedure is essential. And each situation is unique. Please don’t try to fix your priceless rug on your own.

      Our rug repair service include the following:

      • All rug fibre types
      • Tears and Holes
      • Moth Damage
      • Fringe repair or replacement
      • Bindings repaired
      • Colour fade
      • Fringe Whitening
      • Overall Restoration

      The following are examples of restoration rug fibre content:

      • Oriental
      • Shag
      • Flokati
      • Braided
      • Cotton
      • Wool
      • Synthetic
      • Natural Fibre
      • Wool Mix
      • Acrylic
      • Persian

      Best Rug Cleaning Services in Canberra

      Spark Rug Cleaning Canberra is Canberra’s only expert rug cleaning service dedicated to rug cleaning and repair.

      Only rugs are cleaned by us, not upholstery, grout, carpets, or tiles. We devote all of our efforts to delivering the most up-to-date rug cleaning products. Spark Rug Cleaning Canberra’s is well-known among our clients, and we are confident that you will enjoy it as well.

      Step 1 – Rug Examination

      Before cleaning, we have a rug cleaning specialist examining your rugs.

      If appropriate, this may involve a client consultation.

      Step 2 – The Pre-Washing Procedure

      Dry soil and hair bits are removed (dusting process).

      Wherever appropriate, odours, wax, chewing gum, and stains will be removed.

      Step 3- Washing

      Colour run tests

      Rugs should be washed by hand with biodegradable soap.

      Fringes are hand-cleaned individually to ensure the most thorough and mild cleaning possible.

      All rugs were carefully rinsed to eliminate any soap residue.

      Step 4: Finishing and Drying

      Our monitored drying restores the fluffy feel of the heap while also ensuring a fast-drying time.

      Vacuuming and arranging the piles

      Finally, your rugs will be inspected before delivery to ensure your complete satisfaction.

      Rug Cleaning Service Canberra

      Rug Cleaning Services Canberra and Rug Repair Canberra

      Rug cleaning Canberra is not a procedure for novice technicians, and rugs are easily destroyed or suffer from irreversible colour loss. Budget carpet cleaners and do-it-yourselves can easily (and frequently) cause more harm than you can comprehend – don’t take chances with your precious rugs; allow us to make them look and feels their finest for generations to follow.

      We will design a professional Persian rug cleaning and repair process specifically for your rug.

      A Special Art Has Been Passed Down Through Generations

      Rug restoration and repair must always be handled by professional rug cleaners who have spent years studying the techniques and putting them into practice.

      This kind of job is in our veins at the Spark Rug Cleaning Canberra. Our family has renovated and rebuilt ancient and precious rugs, restoring them to their glorious past. To retain the rug’s attractiveness and longevity, we recognize that the restoration process must be consistent with the rug’s initial make-up.

      What All Can We Restore?

      Our group of specialists has a proven track record of restoring and repairing both minimal and significant injuries. We reconstruct each rug in its initial model, from big holes to anomalies in colour or strand thickness.

      Why Should You Repair Your Rugs?

      There are a few straightforward reasons to repair your rugs:

      1. They will last longer – a worn rug would quickly deteriorate.

      2. They will grow in value – a hand-woven rug in natural colours that is in excellent condition would increase in value.

      3. They’ll still be works of art – antique rugs (those made more than 100 years ago) are valuable works of art with cultural importance. Maintain the status quo.

      When considering a repair or renovation project, keep the following points in mind:

      1. Repair the small things first – once you find a minor abnormality, it’s better to fix it right away. It will quickly escalate into a more serious and costly issue.

      2. Look around – rips and tears should be examined daily along the edges and sides. Get in touch with our experts as soon as you notice any signs of this.

      3. Humidity is important – It encourages rugs to retain an excessive amount of moisture, which leads to rotting and decay. If you live in a high-humidity region, we suggest airing your rugs regularly to decrease moisture.

      Our thorough rug cleaning services in Canberra include the following:

      • All dry dirt and allergens are removed with a jet vacuum.
      • To delete something that isn’t a part of your rug, use a jet extraction machine.
      • Our specialist drying room allows for hanging and a 2-hour drying time.
      • Vibrations from the machine are used to shake out all of the dry soil.
      • Dye-locking is a technique for preventing colour bleed.
      • Hand-washing rugs.
      • To neutralize the pH of your rug and remove grit and dust, use a conditioning rinse.

      Rug cleaning services are available as an add-on:

      • Skilled Stain removal.
      • Getting rid of pet stains.
      • Getting rid of the odour.
      • Commercial Rug Cleaning Canberra
      • Cleaning and whitening of the fringes.
      • Water damage rehabilitation ready 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
      • Restoring a rug.
      • Edges are secured by over-locking.
      Professional Rug Cleaning Canberra
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