Most Reliable Persian Rug Cleaning in Depot Beach

      A Persian rug is a long-lasting investment in your home’s design. That’s because this specific design of the rug is stunning and never goes out of style. At the same time, it needs careful cleaning and maintenance. To keep this rug looking new even after decades, you should hire professionals providing Persian rug cleaning services.

      Spark Rug Cleaning Canberra is proud to serve the best Persian rug cleaning in Depot Beach. We have well-trained rug cleaning experts, years of experience and the best cleaning techniques. To know more about us and our services, you can connect with us directly. We will offer the safest rug cleaning in Canberra.

      What You Can Do to Protect Your Rugs?

      As we all know, Persian rugs are delicate. But, if you protect them from stains and spills, they can last for decades. So, here are some tips from our rug cleaning specialists:


      You undoubtedly already know that you should clean your rugs every day, but don’t forget to vacuum them at least once a week. It is the most convenient approach to keep out dirt and dry soil that might accumulate regularly.

      Be Strict

      Having a “shoes off” policy in place is another approach to keep your rugs clean. The soles of shoes may get dirty with dirt and allergens from outside, waste from toilets and other microorganisms. That’s why it’s necessary to keep dirty shoes off of the rug.

      Allow the Experts to Do It

      Rug owners are recommended to hire professionals at least once a year for a rug cleaning service.  Professional cleaning of your rugs will make them cleaner, healthier, and last longer. To discover more, contact us now! We also provide top-notch commercial rug cleaning services to protect and clean floorings in industrial areas.

      Mistakes to Avoid While Cleaning a Rug

      Rugs exist in many sizes, colours, and patterns to complement the interior design of your house or office, and it provides joys like strolling barefoot on a smooth and velvety rug. After a long day in enclosed shoes or high heels, your feet will appreciate the soft and comforting feel of rugs.

      While the pleasure and convenience they provide are limitless, cleaning them is no easy task. Inadequate rug maintenance can lead to mould development, indoor air pollution, and health risks. To prevent this, we have compiled a list of rug cleaning blunders to avoid for a healthy environment:

      1. Not clearing up spills right away

      Spills and food droppings are unavoidable if you have children and pets at home, so don’t put off cleaning until later. If liquid spills, wipe it up promptly with a soft cloth, or it will soak deep into the fragile fibres. Similarly, if baby food spills on the carpet, clean it right away, or it may dry up and become difficult to remove.

      2. Trying various do-it-yourself cleaning approaches

      The internet is a fantastic source of knowledge, but it cannot replace experience and skill. DIY techniques may work for other household cleaning tasks, but when it comes to rug cleaning, avoid experimenting with untrustworthy methods. Use a professional for annual maintenance since certain things are better left to the professionals. To know more about our Persian rug cleaning service, call us now.

      3. Scrubbing to get rid of the stains

      Stains on the rug can occur the same way as on clothing, but cleaning them vigorously or using excessive elbow grease is not the cure. Scrubbing will not only harm the rug’s delicate fibres but will also cause fraying and shorten its lifespan. The proper way to remove liquid stains is to blot them with a clean towel, and dried up food or other debris may be scraped off rather than scr\\ubbed.

      4. Ignoring a patch for testing

      If you grab any cleaner from the cupboard and expect it to work on your rug, you’re doing it incorrectly. Rugs are fragile materials, and cleaners containing harsh chemicals can cause significant damage. As a result, we recommend that you carefully read the label before applying any cleaning to a filthy patch or stain. We at Spark Rug Cleaning Depot Beach perform patch testing before starting our deep commercial rug cleaning process. We understand that rugs are precious and hence provide 100% guaranteed results with safe cleaning solvents.

      5. squeezing water on the stains

      If we see nail polish, food, pet pee, alcohol, or dirt on the carpet, our first instinct may be to clean it with water. However, that will cause more harm than benefit to the carpet fibres. Instead of attempting to pour water on the soiled spot, sprinkle it with water and dab with a clean towel or tissue paper.

      Another major mistake is not hiring experts for rug cleaning services. But we have got you covered. To avail of our best Persian rug cleaning services in Depot Beach, connect with us right away.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. How often do we need to clean our Persian rugs?

      You should vacuum clean your Persian rug once in two weeks. This will help you avoid any major damages to your rug. As Depot Beach’s Persian rug cleaning specialist, we recommend professional cleaning services for Persian rugs at least once in three or five years.

      2. What are your service charges for Persian rugs?

      At Spark Rug Cleaning Depot Beach, we have a fair price range with all our services. We determine our service charges based on the impact of damages on your Persian rugs.

      3. Do you provide emergency cleaning solutions for Persian rugs?

      Yes, we can provide emergency/same-day cleaning services for your Persian rugs. But the duration of the cleaning/repair could be short or long, depending on the minor or major damages your Persian rug has. All you have to do is contact us and we’ll be at your doorstep within the hour.

      4. Do you have certified rug cleaners?

      Yes, we have certified cleaners to ensure the safe and effective cleaning of Persian rugs. Our cleaners are trained to provide customized and long-lasting cleaning solutions.

      5. Are your cleaning solutions safe for Persian Rugs?

      With our Persian rug cleaning Canberra, you get customized cleaning solutions for your Persian rugs. Our cleaners also have a great understanding of these rugs and the kind of cleaning they require, so you can rest assured that your Persian rugs are in safe and capable hands.

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