Top 5 Mistakes You Should Strictly Avoid While Cleaning a Rug

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Are you not sure whether you clean your rugs correctly or not? If yes, then stop it right there and read this post. We have mentioned some of the biggest mistakes rug cleaners make while cleaning their flooring at home instead of hiring professional rug cleaners. These blunders can ruin your rug entirely. So, be cautious and try to avoid these mistakes.

1. Using wrong tools or cleaning solvents

Often rug owners don’t have in-depth knowledge about the cleaning solvents, obviously because they are not experts. However, the next time you have a rug cleaning specialist at your place, you can ask them about suitable cleaning products for your rug’s fabric. Also, when you try DIY techniques, you tend to rent the tools and such tools available at any store can be pre-used. In this way, there are more chances of damage. So, choose your cleaning tools and other products wisely. Ask a professional for help.

Here are some cleaning products you should strictly avoid:

  • Abrasive Cleaning Solvents

These cleaners remove stains from hard surfaces, but they are harsh for an authentic rug or carpet. They may tear the rug’s fibres and ruin the look of your flooring.

  • Bleach

Bleach is known for its ability to get tough stains out of clothing. However, avoid it for rugs. The chemical can cause colour bleeding and diminishes the overall beauty of the carpeting.

  • Common Detergents Used for Laundry

It is tempting to use those detergents you have stored in your washroom. However, no matter how handy these cleaning agents are, these are not for your rugs! It may create a mess that may cost you later.

The best way is to hire professionals or do your research. To choose cleaning products wisely, you have to know your rug’s fibres and what works for them.

2. Scrubbing Instead of Blotting

It is critical to avoid scraping as hard as possible while cleaning tiny portions of your flooring. That is harmful in two ways. For starters, you will merely push the stain, dirt, and dust further into the rug’s fibres; gravity will always triumph. Second, vigorously cleaning will do substantial harm to the material. Making them thinner and leading them to tear, come apart, or detach from the foundation.

The level of damage may rely on the materials used, and these days carpeting is not built to endure as long as most of the rugs that were popular in the past decade. So, you have to be careful while cleaning a stain. Always take clean clothe and blot the stain away. Don’t rub or push it inside. Instead of clothing, you can also use white paper or a napkin.

3. Using Excessive Water

Using an Excessive Amount of Water Remember the ancient adage, “less is more?” That’s something that you should never overlook while cleaning rugs. If your carpeting contains too much water, it may not be able to dry entirely, allowing mildew to form and potentially causing shrinkage or ripping.

Flooding your rug is usually a terrible idea, and it is the most common mistake. The purpose of cleaning should be to leave nothing except clean flooring behind, not water, soap, grime, or anything else. So, keep an eye on how much water you use for a rug wash treatment.

4. Experimenting Cheap Deodorising Products on Rugs

Cheap powdered deodorisers can buildup on the rug’s fibre over time. Often, your vacuum cleaner does not remove the powder. The powder is crushed into the material when you walk over it. After then, it’s tough to get rid of.

Furthermore, the usage of powdered deodorisers might offer you a misleading sensation of cleanliness. People associate fresh odours with cleanliness. However, just because your flooring smells fantastic does not imply that it is clean. Because of the fresh aroma of a powdered deodoriser, you may opt to skip professional cleaning or vacuuming, which is bad for your rug.

5. Not Taking Help from Experts

Sure, you can’t hire a professional every month to keep your rug fresh and hygienic. However, every rug owner should employ the best rug cleaners for deep cleaning at least once a year. Professionals use safe cleaning agents, experience, skills and expertise to remove dirt, filth and bacteria from your flooring. With regular maintenance, vacuuming and professional cleaning service, you can prolong the lifespan of your rug.

To avoid these issues, you can contact a renowned rug cleaning Sunshine Coast company directly and ask them for the solution. Next time, when you have professionals, ask them everything about rug maintenance and cleaning methods to avoid blunders in future. Having a rug may seem easy, but it is not. However, with the right cleaning routines, you can use the flooring for years to come.

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