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Persian rugs are renowned for adding charm and vibrancy to a dull interior. However, Persian rugs are quick at accumulating dirt and soil with regular usage. And, among the challenging items of a house lies Persian wool rug cleaning.

A mere challenge doesn’t mean you should avoid availing of Persian rug cleaning services Canberra. There are a few things you must be concerned about as Persian rug cleaning Canberra needs to be performed delicately. Here are some mistakes you must avoid with Persian rug cleaning and repair. Call us for instant booking.

Top 6 Mistakes to Avoid with Persian Rugs Cleaning

1. Performing Persian Rug Cleaning Using Washing Machine

Persian wool rug cleaning must not be performed using a washing machine. The woolen strands may come off during the wash and remain stuck in the machine. Such a mistake leaves both the rugs and machine in a damaged condition. Delicate rugs are handmade and demand special attention from Persian rug cleaning expert. Avoid making such devastating mistakes if you want your valuable Persian rugs to last for a long time.

 2. Using the Wrong Set of Tools for Persian Rug Cleaning and Repair

You can come across a wide range of options when it comes to purchasing cleaning solvents for carpets. But, not all kinds of rugs cleaners are suitable for Persian wool rug cleaning. Using rug repairing tools and the harsh chemical-based solvent is another mistake you must avoid. For Persian rug cleaning and repair, it is best to seek the assistance of professionals. Hire a Persian rug cleaning expert in case of rug damage or cleaning.

 3. Avoiding Rugs Spill Cleaning Immediately

Not acting immediately at the time of accidental rug spill is one mistake you should avoid at all costs. The spills should be treated immediately before it seeps deeper into the rugs. Ignorance and delay in acting fast or availing of Persian rug cleaning services Canberra leads to permanent rug damage, mould infestation, and stain development. Not bothering about rug stains gives Persian rug cleaning expert hard time in cleaning it. Therefore, it is best to avoid making such mistakes.

 4. Steam or Dry-Cleaning Persian Rugs Too Often

Persian wool rug cleaning and maintenance must be done at least twice or thrice a year. If you are availing of professional Persian rug cleaning Canberra too often, it will end up damaging your precious rugs instead of boosting their shine and longevity. Frequent rug dry cleaning or steam cleaning means usage of chemicals and heat. Such frequency damages Persian rugs gradually which decreases their market value as well.

 5. Using Bleach-based Cleaning Solvents

Persian rugs look awful with stains. For preventing such an embarrassing situation, several rug owners quickly apply bleach for removing rug stains. You should not do this mistake. Persian rugs are quite delicate and the use of bleach-based cleaners can lead to discoloration and fiber damage. It is best to seek professional assistance from a Persian rug cleaning expert for rug stains removal.

 6. Not Availing Professional Persian Rug Cleaning Canberra

For maintaining the charm and shine of your precious Persian Rugs, it is best to leave them in the hands of experts. Availing professional Persian rug cleaning Canberra is a must for effective cleaning and damage repair. If you are performing self-cleaning of the rugs, then you should avoid making such mistakes.


Performing Persian rug cleaning and repair at home puts your rugs at risk. For avoiding rug damages like color fadedness, wear and tear, rely on professionals. Feel free to contact us for availing Persian rug cleaning services Canberra!

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